GPNA Officers & Committee Chairs

When sending a question or comment, please only write one officer. If they don't have the answer, they'll forward it to a local contact who will assist you further. Thanks for getting in touch!


Chris Newman
Public Safety Committee Chair

Heidi Reis
917-822-5770  Philanthropic Chair

Laura Keen

Lauren Rocereta
678-414-6745  Secretary

Michelle Botwinick
404-664-4743  Treasurer

Dr. Michelle R. Kirby
404-234-5194  President

Paul Simo
404-788-5659  Homes & History Committee Chair

Rick Hudson
404-234-2853  Land Use & Zoning Committee Chair

Ron Hatch
734-945-5258  Vice President

Stephanie Taylor Warner
404-483-9449  Technology Committee Chair

Stephen Powner
404-551-2690  Economic Development Chair