Tour of Homes Volunteer Instructions

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Thank you for volunteering for the 42nd Annual Grant Park Tour of Homes!

Your Ticket info:
As a volunteer you may pick up your free tour booklet (i.e., the ticket) at the ticket booth at any time (open 11ish to 6ish both Saturday and Sunday)! The ticket booth is located at the Erskine Fountain on Cherokee Ave across from Ormond St. You will see a tent there. We trust you'll still show up for your shift even if you get your Tour Booklet early!  You must go to the ticket booth to get your free Tour Booklet.  There is no need to check in anywhere before your shift - just head to your assigned home at the designated time.

Mothball tickets: Your name will be on a list at the door the night of the Mothball. We do not have a physical ticket to give you for the Mothball.

Your shift:

  • Closer to the tour date, please find your assigned location in the attached "Volunteer Shifts ToH 2016" at the upper right corner of this web page.(Check back - this will be available later in the week). 
  • Please let us know if anything changes! Please call Cindy Comisky at 703.424.0618 or email her at
  • Please be a few minutes early to your shift and do not leave a location unattended.  Again, call Cindy if no one comes to relieve you after your shift, or if you're signed up to be with someone else that doesn't show.
  • Please do not let anyone in a home prior to or after tour times:
    Saturday 12:00PM* to 6:00PM
    Sunday 12:00PM* to 6:00PM
    *Note that volunteers should arrive at 11:45M for the first shift, but the tour does not start until 12PM.
  • Wear comfortable clothing.  Some volunteers like to sit on the porch and greet people as they enter the home, while others prefer greeting guests from just inside the front door.  Please dress accordingly.  No need to bring anything with you.
When you arrive:
  • Each location will have:
    • Name tags and Sharpies. Please use a nametag so that people recognize that you're an official Tour of Homes Volunteer (they'll be impressed).  Please leave the Sharpies and empty name tags when you're done - someone will pick those up later.
    • A goodie bag. Please take only one goodie bag for each shift you volunteer.  
  • Familiarize yourself with your assigned location. 
    • Click this link, 2016 Tour of Homes Booklet Draft, to familiarize yourself with your volunteer site.
    • Introduce yourself to the homeowner if they're there so you can receive any special instructions, history of the home, etc. from them.
  • Greet people as they arrive and "X" out the corresponding house number on the back of EACH Tour Booklet and EACH Tour One-Pager* with the Sharpie marker. For everyone’s safety, anyone entering the home must have a Tour Booklet or One-Pager to gain access to the site/home.
    • *The One-Pager is one sheet of thick paper that is the front of the tour booklet on one side and the back of the tour booklet on the other side with no pages.
  • Please do not leave the front door unmanned, but if you have volunteer buddy one of you can occasionally walk through the house and make sure no one is going through drawers or closets.  Feel free to talk to the tour goers! 
  • Please do not leave a home without the next volunteer taking over for your shift. Please take a few minutes to “train” the next volunteer with any helpful information, popular questions asked, and any tidbits from the owner.
  • Think of the home as your home. 
For any problems, please call:
Heidi Reis, GPNA Tour of Homes Coordinator 917.822.5770
Cindy Comisky, GPNA Tour of Homes Volunteer Manager 703.424.0618
Lauren Rocererta, GPNA President 678.414.6745
For emergencies call 911

Have fun and thank you!!!