2017 Officers and Committee Chairs: President - Jeffrey E. Rogers, Sr., Vice-President - Dr. Michelle R. Kirby, Secretary - Laura E. Keen, Treasurer - Michelle Botwinick, Economic Development - Stephen L. Powner, Fundraising - (Vacant), Homes & History - Paul Simo, Land Use & Zoning (Including Transit & Transportation) - Rick Hudson, Philanthropic - Tom Merandi, Public Safety - Chris Newman, Technology - Stephanie Warner


  • President
  1. Appoint a Fundraising Chair
  2. Work with Fundraising on improvements
  3. Fully Staff Farmers’ Market GPNA Booth
  4. Policy on Policies
  5. Communication Policy                                                              
  • Vice-President
  1. Revise the Bylaws
  2. Update online Bylaws
  3. Improve monthly meeting sign-in/check-in process
  4. Purchase and distribute more Meeting Reminder signs
  5. Logo Registration
  6. Welcome Packets
  7. Catalog all GPNA assets
  • Secretary
  1. Maintain minutes                                                                                              
  2. Maintain association files
  3. Digital Recorders
  4. Transcription Software                                                                                      
  • Treasurer
  1. Investigate Paypal and it’s reporting                                                                  
  2. GPNA.org financial reporting
  3. Update GPNA contributions                                                                    


  • Economic Development
  1. Implement the LivingMemorial.org initiative and sub-committee
  2. Continue to improve bimonthly Grant Park Gatherings
  3. Increase awareness and pride of Grant Park attractions and businesses
  4. Help implement and promote advertising on www.GPNA.org
  5. Help restart SEABA’s presence
  • Fundraising
  1. Coordinate all advertising requests/packages/drives.
  2. Increase neighborhood and metro awareness of the Tour of Homes and Mothball.
  3. Develop additional fundraising opportunities (Mansion Nights, Pub Crawls, etc.)
  • Homes and History
  1. Implement historic regulations rewrite                                                                
  2. Educate and inform neighbors through an updated web experience                 
  3. Work with 2017 Tour of Homes Subcommittee
  4. Home History Database Project
  5. Continue to assist with Certificates of Appropriateness
  6. Attempt to attend all AUDC meetings
  • Land Use and Zoning
  1. Supervision of Approved Projects
  2. Annexation of NW finger of NPU-W
  3. Beltline Sub Area 3 and 4 Master Planning Updates
  4. New Community Gardens focus and updates
  5. Improve integration and communication with the Homes & History and Transporation committees
  6. Coordinate with Economic Development on development hand-off
  7. Transit and Transportation: Continue primary tactical work case by case:
  • Evaluate all options through committee: and,
  • Direct involvement with Dept. of Public Works                
  • Philanthropic
  1. Investigate new needs opportunities
  2. Improve community involvement in volunteerism
  3. Develop relationships with existing philanthropic organizations in Greater Atlanta!
  • Public Safety
  1. Continue to work on communication between APD and website-email networks
  2. Continue representation on the Fulton County Citizens’ CourtWatch
  3. Identify 3 or 4 education topics to present to the community
  • Technology
  1. Post more from the Steering Committee to the website to replicate other sites that aren’t accessible to everyone (i.e. facebook, nextdoor, etc.)
  2. Work with the Treasurer on financial reporting
  3. Work with Fundraising and Economic Development committees for sponsorship
  4. Collaborate with Home History Database Project