603 Boulevard SE

Amanda and Philippe Pellerin are the homeowners!

Year: circa 1897
Style: Neo-Classical Victorian
Type: Modified Queen Anne House
Home of: Amanda, Philippe, Jules, and Gigi Pellerin
Map: 603 Boulevard SE

The Pellerins have resided in the neighborhood since 2007 and 603 Boulevard had always been a standout favorite among the historic homes around Grant Park. Philippe and Amanda were looking for a larger home for their family, and were ready to take on the challenge to make this lovely Neo-classical Victorian a home again. In 2015, they began a very intensive, historically sensitive renovation. Most of the windows were replaced with energy efficient custom made windows, the interior spaces were reimagined to add three additional bedrooms and 4 new bathrooms. The family room and kitchen in the back were nonexistent when the Pellerin’s bought the home in 2014. The renovated kitchen is a gem: all of the cabinets were handmade; countertops are North Georgia Marble, the backsplash tiles are actually marble door thresholds, and the cabinetry glass was reclaimed from the original windows of the house – note the waviness in the glass!

 The most dramatic architectural feature of the home is its Neo Classical portico and side porches, but they were not part of the original home. This feature was added sometime between 1924 and 1932. Evidence of historical changes to the house can be seen throughout the exterior and interior. The front doors, which are original to the house and decorated with laurels show the slight offset of the original facade. The grand staircase was once the sleeping porch. The modern columns that separate the dining room from the sitting room were probably added in the mid-20th century after the house became a church. There will be a number of historical documents and construction plans to provide insight into how this home has evolved through the years.

Amanda worked with local interior designers to decorate the house in an eclectic modern Victorian style. Much of the artwork in the main living area is from local artista, including the hand painted 36 foot mural by Michael Colley in the dining room. The Pellerin’s are delighted to welcome you to tour their home.