633 Rosalia St Garden Tour

Paul and Toni Camp are the homeowners!

Year: 1911
Style: Folk Victorian
Type: New South Cottage
Home of: Paul and Toni Camp
Map: 633 Rosalia St

Paul and Toni live at 633 Rosalia Street, and have graciously opened their backyard garden up for this year’s tour. The couple has resided in the Grant Park neighborhood for 11 years and are excited their garden is a showcase on the tour this year.

Paul and Toni are currently the third owners of this home, and inherited the garden area from the second owners. The second owners had designed an elaborate English garden with dozens of heirloom rose bushes. This style was not quite right for Paul and Toni, so they decided to dig up the rose bushes and give them away to others in the neighborhood.

In 2016 Paul and Toni decided to make some functional additions to an old garage and they did it with style! In Grant Park's historic district, every structure that faces a public street is subject to design review. Two car garage doors are not allowed facing a street, where often just having a garage in a historic neighborhood is a luxury, the Camps creatively put on their design hats. As you can see this makes corner lots that much more of a 
challenge (notice the Victorian-influenced rear kitchen wing with wrapped screen porch) Paul & Toni were up to the task. A single width ca.1920 auto shed with a dilapidated green house was transformed last year into a fun little get away just steps off their back porch through a formal garden and backyard that caps thermal heating and cooling lines and pumps for their house. Not to "erase" the form of the original garage, the side shed roof studio addition was dropped just slightly from the main ridge. An eclectic mix of framed canopies, shaped windows and reproduction 
lanterns brings in some whimsy in what has become a gem of a retreat for the neighborhood to enjoy! In the garden, the perennials are planted according to colors and bloom times, which ensures there is something blooming almost year round.

While you may not find any sculptures scattered throughout the garden, you may find signs of the garden’s protectors: three Border Collies that run along the fence guarding the house from evil spirits. In addition to their passion for gardening, Paul and Toni have a passion for dog rescues. Paul founded a Georgia Border Collie rescue, which is what led them to their three adoring pets.