657 Rosalia St Garden Tour

Jojo Stickney and Carl Quattlebaum are the homeowners!

Year: 1909
Type: Craftsman
Style: Cottage/Bungalow (upper floor addition)
Owner: Jo Jo Stickney and Carl Quattlebaum
Map: 657 Rosalia St

Carl and Jo Jo live at 657 Rosalia Street just right up the street from the Camps, and have graciously opened their backyard garden up for this year’s tour. Carl has been a resident of the Grant Park neighborhood for 25 years and Jo Jo a resident for the past 13 years. They have been gardening together for approximately 10 years.

Their garden includes a variety of different plants and flowers, and is highlighted by a greenhouse, pond, chicken coop, and rain catchment system. The type of chickens they raise is Buff Orpington, a calm and sweet breed that is very popular in urban farming environments.

Their greenhouse is home to an orchid collection, although many of the cymbidium orchids remain outside for most of the year. The cymbidium orchids bloom primarily in winter and early spring.  Growing on the greenhouse is an orange-flowered cross vine, while a yellow-blooming variety covers a nearby arbor.

Raised vegetable beds are connected by gravel pathways with seating interspersed throughout. The garden is also highlighted by many containers full of an assortment of tropical plants, especially begonias.
This garden is watered from a 550-gallon water tank of rainwater and fertilized courtesy of the chickens. This earth-friendly garden is a magnet for friends and neighbors.
Jo Jo and Carl welcome you to their garden.
Note to tour goers: You can reach the next house by going out the back of Jo Jo’s and Carl’s to the alley and take your first left, then another left down the next alley. Kari and Pete will also be in their garden.