579 Cameron St SE Garden Tour

Kari Traud and Pete Antonvich are the homeowners!

Year: 1906
Style: Folk Victorian
Type: New South Cottage
Home of: Kari Traud and Pete Antonvich
Map: 579 Cameron St SE

The garden of Kari Traud and Peter Antonvich resides at 579 Cameron Street on the northeast side of Grant Park. Kari has been a resident of the Grant Park neighborhood for 15 years while Peter has resided in the house for 25 years. They have graciously opened up both their garden and back porch to tour-goers this year.

This beautiful garden was originally separated by a parking pad and overgrown with weeds, ivy, and mondo grass. Kari and Peter installed hardscaping, irrigation, lighting and steps, finished the plant beds, and replaced the parking pad with a much more attractive fire pit. Then Kari worked on designing her garden beds.

When redoing their garden area, Kari and Peter were challenged by the presence of a 225 year old red oak tree in the middle of their desired garden area. While they could have opted to stick to more traditionally shade-friendly plants like ferns and hostas, they instead chose to research shade gardens and expand their options. The result is a garden filled with an exuberant collection of vibrant hostas, hellebores, heucheras, toad lilies, trilliums, and native orchids.

Kari describes her gardening style: “I love to mix textures, colors, perennials, and shrubs while creating seasonal interest.” They also added the pond, where birds including a Blue Heron play in the waterfall and fish swim. They have a resident brown snake that likes to hang out. Kari and Peter enjoy spending a large majority of time in their garden. Their hard work in transforming the space makes for a wonderful garden to see and experience by all of the tour goers this year. Pete and Kari welcome you to their garden.

Note to tour goers: You can reach house #8 by going out the back of Pete and Kari’s yard to the alley and take a left, then your first right down the next alley. Jo Jo and Carl’s house is the second on the right. They will also be in their garden.