GPNA Monthly Meeting Minutes

GPNA Meeting Minutes - 2016, November 15

  • Jeff McCord – announcements for Annual Candlelight Tour of Homes 12/10 & 12/11
  • Alicia Chambers from the Grant Park Conservancy – annual campaign information with how to join the conservancy asking for support; new member gifts
Election Campaigning for Transportation Chair
  • Rick Hudson – current Land Use and Zoning Chair
  • Jim Voris – previous Transportation Chair
Minutes – we will vote on them next month
  • $50k currently in treasury – not including some MothBall expenses
Lieutenant Floyd
  • Precinct 6 Crime report – trend is upward but consistent to holiday season
  • Vehicle break in increase – primarily along Memorial corridor
  • Robberies from classified ad transactions – he encouraged us to make any of these at any police precincts; this eliminates risk of safety and of purchasing stolen items (police can run serial number check); these robberies have occurred twice in Grant Park over the last month
  • He also asked us to be aware of our surroundings and to stay off the phone when walking in public because they are the easiest crime
  • He asked that we stop leaving vehicles unattended while running
Public Safety Chair Chris Newman
  • NPU meeting tomorrow night
  • Vehicle larceny concerns
  • Juvinile court program coming next month
  • Zone 6 does holiday toy drive for community; he asked for donation for $100 but motion was made to change it to $250
  • Brad Nevin encouraged for everyone to join the neighborhood watch
Homes and History Chair Paul Simo
  • Discussion regarding tax credits for preserving and restoring a historic home or commercial buildings
  • Hearing on demolition of 293 Ormond Street – meeting downtown with city officials and have given the owner another 30 days to begin restoration; Paul will be following up and potentially subpoenaed to appear in court. The property has potentially been purchased and the committee will work with the owner to restore the home
  • Tip of the Month – close the vents in your crawl space/ basement for cold winter months. They should be left open in the summer and closed in the winter
  • Also there have been an exceeding amount of construction that offsets a population of rodents to another place. He encouraged us to use live traps vs poison.
  • MothBall update - we raised between $7000 - $7500
  • Thank you to sponsors and local neighbors that have done a substantial job of work to do
Land Use and Zoning
  • is a reference to what Georgia State is doing with Turner Field
  • Request for letter of support for Memorial Drive LCI – ARC originally grandfathered it in 2003
  • Extension of Memorial Drive – using SPI 22 to make drastic improvements; motion made to support passed unanimously
  • Bids are due December 14th for Parks and Recreation and award a contract to move forward as we get more details on where the city needs to move forward; vote for Support Letter passed unanimously
  • Event Facility being brought to previous Cyclorama under planning
Economic Development
  • Economic Gathering – potentially at Six Feet Under
  • Encouragement to visit the Nicolas House and individually support
  • Wilderness Works – non-profit in the neighborhood that works with children
Election Results
  • Only contested chair was Land Use and Zoning and Rick Hudson won
Nicolas house – announcement was made that the residents are not allowed in the kitchen so there is a suggestion to volunteer cooking
Grant Park Gun Club – NextDoor and Facebook
Parkside PTA trying to raise money for a fence to go around the playground – info on Parkside PTA website; motion was made to donate $250 and unanimously passed
Adjourned at 9:03pm


Minutes201611.pdf (PDF)