APS Jackson Cluster Community Conversation

Status: Archived  
A recap of the meeting at Parkside Elementary discussing capacity issues at elementary schools in the Jackson Cluster.

The Jackson Cluster community met at Parkside on March 20 to discuss anticipated capacity and under capacity issues at Parkside, Barack and Michelle Obama Academy (BAMO) and Benteen. At this meeting, five possible scenarios were discussed, including A) re-zoning for Summerhill, Woodland Hills and Boulevard Heights; B) re-zoning those same neighborhoods and much of the westside of Grant Park; C) combining and forming three grade level academies for all schools’ neighborhoods; D) forming two grade level academies and turning Benteen into a Spanish immersion K-5 school for all neighborhoods; and E) doing nothing. 
The affect that any decision will have on current families attending the schools was not discussed. (Therefore, grandfathering families in their current schools may still be a possibility.) While APS is looking for community feedback and recommendations, the APS Board of Education will make the final decision. Whatever option is ultimately selected (or any variation thereof), it will not be implemented (if any implementation is needed) until the 2019-2020 school year. As for a timeline, APS leadership indicated at the meeting that they were hoping for community recommendations by this fall with resolution by the end of 2018. More information can be found at www.apsstrongschools.com/jacksonclusterconversation