Kingfisher Academy, Inc.

Kingfisher is located in East Atlanta and we serve students from families all over the Eastside, but primarily from Grant Park, Ormewood Park, East Lake, and East Atlanta. We serve children from age 3 up to 14 and have preschool through 8th grade classrooms.

Kingfisher Academy is an independently run school designed for children from preschool through middle school. Kingfisher Academy is based on principles researched by Dr. Howard Gardner and from the educational programs developed in the city of Reggio Emilia, Italy.

The mission of Kingfisher Academy is to insure a broad-academic foundation through an enriched learning environment, to create an educational model that promotes reform, and to provide a community resource through experiential learning, service projects, and outreach programs

We are a diverse school with Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Quakers, Black, White, Hispanic, and many Eastern European families. We have an excellent English and Literature Program as well as an award-winning Science Curriculum. Our teachers live in the neighborhoods we serve and we work for the community in doing our service projects. For more information, please phone Debbie Gathmann, Director at 404-624-0807.

Our school is famous for our trips into the community to restaurants, to the pet supply place, to the book stores, to the groceries and ice cream shoppes. The school's motto is

P--we stand for peace and justice

E--we have an environmental focus (and have won awards for this)

A--we believe children must develop an authentic, autonomous self and believe in self-reliance

C--is for our community-focus both in projects and in service

E--we have an academically vigorous curriculum with challenges for the bright, motivated student

If anyone has questions, please feel free to call us at 404-524-0994 or visit at 158 Moreland Avenue, SE Atlanta, GA 30316


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From the corner of Glenwood Avenue, SE and Flat Shoals Avenue, SE turn East on Flat Shoals and go down about 100 yards. We are in the red brick warehouse on the right. Next door to Echo Lounge.

559 Flat Shoals Avenue, SE
Atlanta, GA 30316
Fulton County
Kingfisher Academy, Inc.
559 Flat Shoals Avenue, SE
Atlanta, GA 30316 I'm the director of a small, private, non-profit school.
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Kingfisher Academy, Inc.



Debbie Gathmann
404-370-8780  Director, Kingfisher Academy, Inc.

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