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Dekalb police recover stolen property from thefts captured on video

Security Patrol Update - 10/28/2008

Grant Park surveillance video from Oct 27
Good news (posted Oct 31, 2008): Items taken from the recent burglaries were recovered when Dekalb PD made a raid on a house on Mark Trail which is off Candler Rd near I-20.  Suspects were charged with burglary and theft by receiving.  Read the AJC Story.

A word of warning: We received a report of another burglary which took place after the raid, this one on Mead St, where flat panel TVs were taken.  We cannot emphasize the importance of concealing these TVs by covering windows at night especially if they are visible to the street.

Surveillance videos from Oct 27

Grant Park
Hello: To let everyone know and to pass the word around, our house was broken into on the morning of Monday, Oct 27, 2008 at approx 10 am and our tv, laptop, and digital camera were stolen. We have video of it and have uploaded it to youtube in the hopes that its dissemination may help. Please forward to anyone you think may help. We are ok and our dog is fine, but to let everyone know, neither the dog nor our alarm system were a deterrent. The whole thing happened in less than 4 minutes, with the time in and out of our actual house less than 30 seconds.

The vehicle they were driving is a Nissan Pathfinder, year range 1996-2004, light in color, maybe beige, light green or silver, with a roof rack.

Watch YouTube Video

East Atlanta
30 minutes prior to the video above, the follow shows the burglars in East Atlanta, approximately 1 to 2 miles east of the house on Broyles.  Looks like the same perps, with a fourth one in a light blue winter hat who appears to be the leader and possibly the driver of the vehicle.

Residents who have large screen TVs should take extra care that these are not plainly visible to the street in the evening time. The sunset is about to get even earlier with standard time change and these suspects might be driving around and recording locations to return to in a few days.

Here are last week’s stats from Lt Lyle at zone 3: 2 strong arm robberies, early evening, one on Memorial at Fort St (near Hill St) and one on Grant at Georgia. 5 vehicle larcenies with no particular pattern for time or location. 1 auto theft and arrest in the 800 block of Confederate.

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From Grant Park Video (first link above)...

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East Atlanta
East Atlanta