Celebrity Chef Sammy Davis Bringing His Dream to Grant Park

The Park Market & Deli Opening November 6, 2012

Celebrity Chef and Grant Park resident, Sammy Davis, was the winner of $10,000 in a redemption competition episode of 'Chopped' on the Food Network. Sammy Davis has lived in Grant Park for 7 months, but his new wife Carmen has lived here for 6 years. We thank her greatly for bringing Sammy and his dream to our neighborhood! Sammy Davis is opening The Park Market & Deli in Grant Park on November 6, 2012, and Carmen gave GPNA a sneak peek.

The Park Market & Deli looks like a bodega and is just what it sounds like: a market and a deli.  The market, or "boutique retail grocery store," will feature a farmer's market style presentation of fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms.  Local favorites like Arden's Garden juices, Atlanta's Best Yogurt and H&F Breads will be on the shelves along with basics like flour, sugar and Coca Cola.  Pending permits, beer and wine should be available in January 2013.

In the back of the store you'll find a small dining area in front of a butcher shop and deli.  The deli will feature chef inspired meals that are "good down home eats... not hoity toity."  Ready-to-eat and chef prepared meals will be offered.  Menu items will feature some version of Sammy Davis' favorites from around the country:  a pastrami sandwich inspired by a mile high pastrami found at the Carnegie Deli in New York or the infamous Philadelphia Cheese Steak.

The Park Market & Deli will be located at 568 Boulevard in the old Mexican grocery store, Nayarit.  One interesting tidbit: an old looking Coca Cola advertisement on glass that used to be part Narayit's facade has been spared.  You'll find the old advertisement embedded within the front of the deli counter.  Sammy Davis will be working in The Park Market & Deli and is eager to meet all of his new Grant Park neighbors.  Welcome to Grant Park, Sammy!

Video of Sammy Davis on Food Network's Chopped:

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