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About the Grant Park Neighborhood Association (GPNA)

The Grant Park Neighborhood Association 
PO Box 89235 
Atlanta, Georgia 30312
(404) 223-5950
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In the first days of the revitalization of the Grant Park neighborhood, when only a handful of people envisioned the potential of this urban neighborhood, the Association to Revive Grant Park (ARGP) was formed. ARGP, begun in 1973, was the largest of three civic organizations in the neighborhood. The association’s purpose was to help preserve and promote Grant Park as a viable community. In 1975, ARGP was incorporated as a non-profit organization. In the late 1980's the name was changed to the Grant Park Neighborhood Association (GPNA).

Today, the Association brings together residents of Grant Park who are interested in promoting, protecting and strengthening the neighborhood. The Association annually sponsors the Grant Park Tour of Homes and the annual themed party called MothBall, which are both in late September. The GPNA holds a general meeting each month. Refer to the calendar of events for meeting times and locations.

You can also reach the GPNA is three ways:

  1. Click the Contact Us link at the top; or,
  2. Email us at [email protected]; or,
  3. Send a postal mail to:
    The Grant Park Neighborhood Association 
    Post Office Box 89235 
    Atlanta, Georgia 30312
Per the bylaws of the GPNA, Article IV - MEMBERSHIP:

4.01 The membership of the Association shall be limited to individuals who (1) are at least eighteen [18] years of age, (2) reside in the Grant Park neighborhood, as defined by the City of Atlanta in its delimitation of the geographic scope of Neighborhood Planning Unit W, and (3) are registered on the official membership roll.

4.02 A request for membership is effectuated by registering on the member sign-in sheet available at monthly membership meetings of the Association, using complete and accurate information. The Vice-President of the association shall record any new member on the official membership roll, upon verification of eligibility under Section 4.01.

4.03 Membership in the Association is obtained following attendance of one (1) monthly membership meeting, assuming both the membership requirements of Section 4.01 and the registration requirements of Section 4.02 are met. Voting privileges are obtained by a member upon attendance at their second monthly membership meeting.

4.04 Any member may resign by notifying the Vice-President of said intent.

4.05 Membership is automatically revoked when a member’s primary residence ceases to be in the Grant Park neighborhood, as defined in Section 4.01.