Grant Park Neighborhood Watch

GPSP Benefits and Procedures

Regular Patrol Route – Your home will be listed on the route for the patrol officers to regularly drive by when they are on duty to keep an eye out for suspicious activity, etc.  Off-duty Atlanta Police Department officers and detectives are employed by GPSP.  They have full police authority while working for GPSP and monitor the Zone 6 radio dispatch.  Our patrol officers are typically here during the weekdays when most residents are at work. 
Victim Assistance & Court Watch – If you ever have any specific concerns, or if you are the victim of a crime, let us know if you want to speak directly with an officer. One of our officers is here until about 7 PM and a second officer will work occasional weekends. We’ll make sure they get in touch with you. We have volunteers who will attend court hearings with you and we speak on behalf of the entire Grant Park community.
Crime Alerts – If we are experiencing a particular crime problem, you will be notified by email and suggestions given for special precautions.  PLEASE NOTE these are not sent out until facts have been verified by the police.
Out-of-Town WatchesIf you are leaving town for work or vacation, notify GPSP and the patrol officers will give additional attention to your property in your absence.  (See procedures below)
Publications – Through GPSP’s own quarterly newsletter, The Crimebuster, and the neighborhood’s monthly newspaper, Porch Press, you will be kept informed of public safety related issues, and seasonal crime-fighting tactics.  The Crimebuster also serves as your quarterly invoice for dues.  If you pay for dues on an annual basis, you will also receive a reminder of when your year is up and to renew your membership.  
Monthly Updates at GPNA Meeting – Reports from the Public Safety Committee Chair at our neighborhood association meeting (3rd Tuesday of each month, 7:30 PM at Zoo Atlanta’s ARC building) provides updates on neighborhood crime from neighbors, Zone 6 precinct officers, Assistant District Attorney & Community Prosecutors, and others.
Membership – Membership is for set quarters, or a year, beginning with July 1, October 1, January 1 & March 1.  We do not pro-rate quarterly dues or provide rolling 3-month or 12-month memberships. The membership list that is provided to our patrol officers is updated around the first week of each month based on dues collected the previous month.  If you join in the last month of a quarter, you will be given credit for the following quarter.
Payment of Dues – Each member household should set up a Grant Park Security Patrol account within the Grant Park Neighborhood Association website.  Go to the Security Patrol page at & click the Join Interest Group at the top right.  The preferred method of payment is by credit card or paypal at the website, but payment can still be mailed in to GPSP, PO Box 89235, Atlanta, GA 30312.  Our membership dues are the lowest we've found in the city and are currently $40 per quarter or $160 per year.
Out-Town-Watches – Please contact us a few days ahead of your departure and leave details (i.e. dates, lights being left on or on timers, anyone with access, or collecting mail/newspapers) and emergency contact numbers.  Email that information to [email protected].  We also encourage you to share this information with trusted neighbors.
911 Calls – If you are a victim of a crime, notify the police by calling 911.  But in addition, always call 911 if you see something suspicious. This is always a judgment call but the police tell us that if something does not look right, then let them come check it out.  The key is to be patient with the dispatcher. Their job is to gather as much information from you so that they can relay it to the officer on the street. They might ask some additional questions that you do not think are relevant, but they are trained to gather this information. If you do not feel that your call is handled properly, ask for a supervisor.

Change of street address or email address – If your street address within Grant Park changes or your email address changes, please let us know at [email protected] and edit your account on the website.