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We're prepareing to add details on every home in our historic Grant Park neighborhood, including the date of construction and a picture from the original historic district application in the 1980's.

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Contribute Home History
Current and previous residents will be able to contribute home histories by clicking "Add Hisroty" (Currently "Add Subtopic" for site admins) on a home's detail page.

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After creating a home detail page, click "Edit Page > Page Admin" and choose "Address and Directions".

Our local expert (Paul) will help you determine the style and type of your home.

Architectural Style found in Grant Park (Adornment)

Gothic Revival  (1850s - 1900s)
Italianate (Grant Mansion)  (1850s - 1880s)
Periods of Victorian Styles:
"Stick Victorian" / Stick-Eastlake (1870s -1890)
Queen Anne Victorian (1880s - 1900s)
Folk Victorian (1900s - 1920)
Shingle Style  (1876 - 1910s)
"Richardsonian" Romanesque  (1880s - 1920s)
American Classical Revival / Neoclassical Revival  (1890s - 1930s)
Tudor Revival / Mock Tudor  (1900 - 1930s)
Craftsman / "Arts & Crafts"  (1909 - 1920s)
Spanish / Mission Revival  (1920s - 1930s)
Mediterranean / "Eclectic" Revivals  (1920s - 1940s)
Prairie  (1910s - 1920s)
Art Deco  (1920s - 1930s)
Art Moderne  (1930s - 1940s)
Colonial Revival / Neocolonial (Post WWII)  (1930s - 1970s)
International  (1940s - 1970s)
Brutalist  (1960s - 1970s)
Venturian  (1970s - 1980s)
"Neo-Traditional"  (New Urbanist)  (1980s - present)

Type (Form/Layout)  -- Residential and Commercial

Double Shotgun
Pyramid Cottage
Georgian Cottage
Georgian House
New South Cottage
Queen Anne Cottage
Queen Anne House
American Four Square
American Small House
(Specialty) Corner Storefront/Residence
1 Part Commercial Building
1 Part Commercial Row
2 Part Commercial Building
Multi-Family (Courtyard Apartment)
Multi-Family (Apartment Row)
Multi-Family Quadraplex
Industrial / Mill / Shop
Service Station
Kwansit Hut
Church / Assembly