The Porch Press

The seeds of the present-day The Porch Press are the various papers of the East Atlanta, Grant Park and SAND communities. The roots are the efforts of community leadership and dedicated neighborhood volunteers.

Over twenty years ago, before the time of "The Porch Press," NPU-W had three different neighborhood newspapers. Grant Park had the "Park Bench;" East Atlanta had the "Fish Wrapper;" and, the SAND community had the "Sand Paper." Given the work involved in putting together and delivering three different neighborhood publications, volunteer community leaders realized that a certain synergy could be created through uniting individual neighborhood efforts to create one comprehensive paper for the community at large.

Even before the creation of "The Porch Press," the SAND and East Atlanta communities had worked together to produce the "Southeast Express." The paper was spearheaded by Henry Bryant, a long-time resident of East Atlanta, and by Bryan Fuller, a member of the SAND community. During the age of the "Southeast Express," the Grant Park community hadn't yet realized the potential of a shared publication effort. As with many worthwhile volunteer projects, over a period of a several years, the "Southeast Express" met with a natural end. Within a couple of years, Henry Bryant and other dedicated EACA volunteers started publication and on-foot delivery of the "Fish Wrapper," a community paper named for the unique geographic shape of the East Atlanta community.

In time, after a long period of individual neighborhood publication efforts, the EACA and SAND communities were joined by the Association to Revive Grant Park (ARGP), which became the Grant Park Neighborhood Association in the late 1980's. John Sanford, then-President of the Grant Park community, roughly eighteen years ago, realized that there should be a joint effort between communities. Joining forces with EACA and SAND created what we now know as "The Porch Press."

During the early years of "The Porch Press," the paper was delivered by volunteers to neighbors in the East Atlanta and SAND communities, and mailed to Grant Park households. After advertising revenues began to increase, the paper was mailed to households in all three communities. To offset the high cost of postage, the mailing was replaced with car-delivery, the system that is now in place.

"The Porch Press" is intended to be "for the community." For this reason, the paper's Board believes that door-to-door delivery is essential to making sure that members of the East Atlanta, Grant Park and SAND communities are informed of events and proposals that affect the area. While kiosk or "drop-box" delivery is an easier and significantly less expensive method of distribution, it doesn't offer the same advantages of door-to-door delivery. However, if you have not received a copy of "The Porch Press," extra copies are available and free of charge at Adams Realty, The Urban Gardner, and other community businesses. For questions regarding delivery, please contact Genie Strickland, (404) 373-3130.

Early volunteer leadership of "The Porch Press" consisted of representatives from East Atlanta (Henry Bryant and Faye McCord, who now lives in Cartersville), Grant Park (John Sanford and Jeff Bell), and the SAND Community (Dale Warren, deceased, and Ricki Bolster). In time, the publication's volunteer efforts were streamlined by the composition of a nine-member active Board of Directors, with three volunteers from each community. Henry Bryant has been the editor of the paper for the past seven years.

On the first Monday of each month, the Board and a volunteer proofing team meet at Adams Realty in Grant Park, to put together "The Porch Press." The current paper staff is looking for a cadre of volunteer proofers to join the ranks. Neighbors who would like to volunteer are encouraged to arrive at 7:30 pm (on the first Monday of the month) to help proof the paper by section, staying until roughly 9:00 pm. The more volunteers that come to help, the faster the double proofing can be completed.

Members of the community are encouraged to submit articles for "The Porch Press" by the 25th of each month. Articles for submission can be dropped off at Adams Realty or delivered to Henry Bryant or individual Board members. Articles should be submitted as hard copies, preferably formatted in Microsoft Word with a Times New Roman font. For other article submission questions, please call (404) 377-6148 or (404) 243-9267. Event organizers are asked to appoint reporters to write and submit articles for "The Porch Press" monthly deadline. Advertisements are handled by Fred Smith. To place an ad, please call (404) 627-3126.

Thank you to all of the volunteers who help with the monthly publication effort of "The Porch Press." Neighbors, such as Henry Bryant, Penny Luck, John Sanford, Jackie Fuller (deceased), and many more, have generously given their time over the years, shaping "The Porch Press" as we know it. Volunteer efforts are always appreciated and help to continue monthly publication and delivery of "The Porch Press," a wonderful community tradition.

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