Peachtree Dog Training

Peachtree Dog Training offers commitment-based and reward-based training to all Atlanta neighborhoods and beyond. What we mean by commitment-based is that veterinarian-referred trainer, Christina Dore, will come to you and keep coming back until every one of your dog training goals have been met! What we mean by reward-based is that we always set the dog up to succeed rather than fail, and we always strive to end on a positive note with praise and reward!

We cover all those pesky behavioral issues: housebreaking, anxiety, hyperactivity, aggression (including human), poor leash manners, counter surfing, destructive behavior, and more! We also offer puppy training to help you get your new family member started on the right foot! To ensure we offer the highest quality dog training, we are certified through Canine Trade Group (directed by dog trainer veteran, John Van Olden) and are proud members of International Association of Canine Professionals, which both provide the tools to stay current on recent dog training news, dog training methods, and case studies.

Peachtree Dog Training offers an initial consult, where we visit your home, study your dog in his/her familiar environment, and discuss in length your dog's background, behavior problems, and your training goals. For any questions or to schedule your first consult, call 800-649-7297 or e-mail us at [email protected]! For more information, please also visit our website! We're ready to work with you and your dog, according to your needs and training objectives!


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Fulton County

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Christina Dore

One of our many clients - David learning to train Mozart to stay and focus!
Peachtree Dog Trainer, Christina, with her dog, Moses at GP!