Grant Park Neighborhood Association (GPNA)    
Fuqua Development would like to have a Preliminary discussion on Tuesday, 2/13/2018 at 7pm about the possibility of re-zoning the Senior Housing Parcel of 800 Glenwood for a Mini Storage Facility.

When we rezoned the 800 Glenwood Site (Kroger, a.k.a. KroBar) to PDMU (Planned Development Mixed Use) the original plan was for Fuqua to have a Senior Housing deal around the corner (Big Blue Circle) from Kroger's Click list Pickup. 
They normally work with Noel Khalil and Columbia Properties to do such a deal and usually get Low Income Tax Credits to make the deal work.  Essentially the easiest way to say it - we now make too much money in Grant Park for Fuqua to get the Tax credit deal, therefore they've come back wanting to rezone this area for a mini Storage.  We’ve thrown out ideas of Gun Range, A Hotel, Office Building, and many others, so we want to continue adding neighbors' ideas to this list. 

So please come out Tuesday Night for this meeting at Zoo Atlanta, ARC Building, Tech Lab.

For questions, please contact Rick Hudson at [email protected].
Land Use & Zoning
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