2019 Elections for GPNA Steering Committee

The 2020 GPNA Officers and Chairs elections will be held in this month’s meeting. The only voting will be for the President position, as the other positions that are currently filled will continue. Those positions are Treasurer Michelle Botwinick, Economic Chair Samantha McKinlay, Home & History Chair Paul Simo, Land Use & Zoning Chair Rick Hudson, Public Safety Chair Chris Newman, and Technology Chair Stephanie Warner.

The President position voting is only for the current President Dr. Michelle Kirby or the former Fundraising chair Laura Keen.

Eligibility to vote requires that a member has attended at least 1 prior GPNA general membership meeting and that the member shows their ID to get their ballot. It is strongly encouraged that you show up 30 minutes before the meeting so that the GPNA Steering Group may check you in to get your ballot and elections rules. Voting is allowed between 7:10pm and 8:00pm.

For further information on the election process, go to https://gpna.org/2020elections

We hope to see you all at this month’s meeting.


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