GPNA Monthly Meeting Minutes

GPNA Meeting Minutes - 2020 February

Minutes for GPNA General Meeting

February 18, 2020


Location: Zoo Atlanta ARC Building, Coca-Cola World Theater
Officers/Chairs Present:
President Laura Keen ([email protected])
Homes & History Paul Simo 
Public Safety Chris Newman  
Technology Stephanie Warner
Economic Development Samantha McKinley
Land Use and Zoning Rick Hudson
Call to Order – 7:35pm
A general meeting of the Grant Park Neighborhood Association was held on February 18, 2020 at Zoo Atlanta and was presided over by president Laura Keen.
Approval of Minutes – Laura Keen gave body until the end of the meeting to review minutes and vote, and minutes were passed unanimously.
Officers’ Reports
  • Sargent Simmons presented an update from the police department that a team of 22 people are doing proactive work will hopefully decrease vehicle larcenies due to visibility. Final Four (April 3-5) is coming to the Georgia Dome, so be aware of visitors and increased traffic.
  • “Item One – Vote on President’s selection of members to fill vacant positions” was presented by Laura Keen, and all nominations were voted in by the body. (See Motion 1, 2, 3 below.)
  • “Item Two – President’s announcement of Bylaws & Rules Committee and proposal of Committee Chair” was presented by Laura Keen. Audra Cunningham is Keen’s selection to chair this committee. Steve Carr questioned if there is a parliamentarian and suggests that that person chair the committee. Suggestion of 2018 redlined bylaws to be printed for body at next meeting, but Paul Simo requested that those bylaws stay within the committee because they were never approved by GPNA.
  • “Item Three – Public Safety” was presented by Chris Newman of the Public Safety committee. There is still no city prosecutor, so the DA is recruiting. Two cases in the neighborhood: 1) 2019 armed robbery, in custody with no bond, going to trial in July, repeat offender, GPNA stance is to keep in custody 2) mentally ill community member getting into houses with unlocked doors, put before court in January, 4 years to serve, 8 months in custody in Mary Hall Freedom House.
  • “Item Four – Proposed 25 MPH Citywide Initiative” was presented by Rick Hudson of the Land Use committee and Zoning and Greg Guiffrida of the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition. Greg Guiffrida, a consultant with Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, was advocating for routes GDOT run to be 25 MPH. This applies to city streets such as Cherokee St., Boulevard Ave., and United Ave. The purpose of this is for the safety of pedestrians where speed can be the difference of life or death. Legislation will be likely presented around March 2020. (See Motion 4)
    • Question from a member of the body on cost of signage and cost for APD to enforce 25MPH.
    • Question from a member of the body about the unintended consequences or adverse effects from this kind of legislation according to their research and the data, and that member proposed a pilot of this project.
    • A member of the body who did a research on Boulevard Ave. in the past comments that most drivers were over 35MPH, they did a redesign, so this serves as a success story.
  • “Item Five – Grant Park Gateway Restaurant RFP Meeting” was presented by Rick Hudson of the Land Use committee. GPNA, Grant Park Conservancy, Atlanta Fulton County Recreation Authority (AFCRA) are hosting a listening session for the new restaurant Request for Proposal (RFP) on February 27, 2020 at 6:30pm in room 302 of Georgia Hill Center. End of first or second quarter expected for full completion. Laura Keen presents that a GPNA member Angela has offered to take down notes to bring to the meeting.
  • “Item Six – Homes and History Tip of the Month” was presented by Paul Simo of the Homes and History Committee. The maps for the local and national register historic district were presented. The tip of the month was about siding and the importance of saving and maintaining historic siding, as it is often invaluable and higher quality.  
Main Motions
  • Motion 1: Moved by Laura Keen and seconded that the Audra Cunningham be voted in as Vice President of GPNA. The move is carried forward with all members voting yea.
  • Motion 2: Moved by Laura Keen and seconded that the Catherine Manci be voted in as Secretary of GPNA. The move is carried forward with all members voting yea.
  • Motion 3: Moved by Laura Keen and seconded that the Eliza Adams be voted in as Fundraising Committee Chair of GPNA. The move is carried forward with all members voting yea.
  • Motion 4: Moved by Rick Hudson and seconded that GPNA reaffirm their support for the 25 MPH citywide initiative with the majority of votes as yea and a few members abstaining from the vote.
New Business
  • Mary Fernandez presented for Oakland Cemetery Special Events (
    • Review of upcoming events: new yoga class, headstone preservation class, malt & vault tour, Illumine 2020
  • Rob Sarwark presented for the Porch Press
    • Contribute 350 word or more articles can be sent [email protected]
    • Deadline for articles is on the 25th of every month
    • Send an email to get Porch Press to get it delivered to your house
  • Norma Nyhoff presented for Nicholas House (
    • Women’s empowerment themed luncheon on Friday, March 27, 2020
    • 3rd Saturday of each month at the shelter
    • If you or anyone experiencing homelessness, there was a list for people to get help
  • Lisetta Gambell will be opening a Filipino restaurant at 580 Woodward Ave
    • Opening date in April or May
Adjournment – 8:16pm
Cookies, hot cocoa, and neighborhood mingle followed the meeting