Grant Park Conservancy's Gazebo Update

Read the statement from the Grant Park Conservancy in regards to the historic gazebo that burned down.

From the Grant Park Conservancy:

"As we are sure you have heard, early Wednesday morning our park suffered a significant loss when the historic Gazebo on the hill burned down. While we are devastated by this loss, we are very grateful that no one was hurt.

We know so many of you have enjoyed the Gazebo, walking past it on your daily park walks, celebrating birthdays of friends and family, or just sitting in the shade of the circa 1920 structure.

We were very busy yesterday talking with the police, fire officials, and city representatives. The cause of the fire is classified as undetermined – meaning there is no evidence to show how the fire was started or whether it was intentional or accidental. (Rumors have been circulating that an arrest has been made– that is not true.)
For everyone’s safety, the site is off-limits while our fantastic team of park workers cleans up the area. They had to wait for the fire investigation to finish before they could begin this work.

Early indications are that the stonework and foundation are in good shape, and, most importantly, our partners at the City of Atlanta have told us they support rebuilding the Gazebo.

What happens next? GPC will collaborate with the Department of Parks and Recreation to determine the best options to rebuild the Gazebo in a historically accurate manner. We will also explore ways to make the gazebo area more secure, perhaps adding lighting and/or cameras. Finally, we need to determine if the tree at the Gazebo, which was severely burned, can survive and give some love to the turf and small plants that also suffered in the fire. We don’t know how much it will cost to rebuild the Gazebo but know that some funding from the community will assist in making sure the project is completed properly with the enhancements we described.

How can you help? Please send us your pictures! We would like to celebrate the Gazebo as we work to restore it and what better way than to see park visitors enjoying it? Also, please consider making a donation to the Conservancy. You may make a gift dedicated specifically to the Gazebo Restoration Effort or to GPC’s general fund to help with this project and our other work advocating and caring for historic Grant Park.

Your friends at the Grant Park Conservancy"

Grant Park Conservancy

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