Neighborhood History
Grant Park encompasses 131.5 acres of land, 100 of which were donated by Col Lemuel P. Grant in 1881 for use as a public park. The additional land was purchased by the city and added to the park acreage by 1890. A popular gathering place even before Col. Grant's donation, Grant Park became a dstination for thousands seeking a quiet respite or a col swim in Lake Abana. Gentlemen rowed their ladeis across the lake, others strolled the many paths and trails in a thick forest, while others enjoyed carriage rides, sculpture gardens, rose gardens, natural springs, picnics in the gazebo and the native flora. Five separate streetcar lines brought city dwellers to the park. Grant Park was the pride of a bustling new city of the New South. The original deed to the city stipulated the use of the land as a park and called on the city to make this park open and available to all residents of Atlanta.

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