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Press Release Regarding Rezoning Of Glenwood Park Property

Land Use and Zoning
March 18, 2002
Green Street Properties Submits Re-Zoning Application for Innovative 28-acre Traditional Neighborhood Development

Green Street Properties and Glenwood Park LLC announced today their intentions to re-zone a 28-acre abandoned industrial site south of I-20 between North Ormewood Park and Grant Park. The development plans call for a highly mixed, new urban community that is an interconnected and pedestrian friendly

The project, called Glenwood Park, creatively combines apartments built over ground-level retail with wide, tree-lined sidewalks, on-street parking, single-family homes, professional office space, live-work units, loft apartments and traditional row-houses similar to the classic residential developments of traditional cities like Savannah, Toronto, Pittsburgh and Back Bay Boston. A large central park is planned that includes a state-of-the-art bio-filtration system that will clean stormwater on its route to the South River.

Glenwood Park's town plan was developed by nationally known New Urban town planners, Dover-Kohl, working alongside Atlanta based Tunnell-Spangler Architects. The new town plan establishes a new model for creative urban redevelopment that also strives to be environmentally friendly from a resource efficiency and natural habitat restoration perspective. Many "green building" principles will be employed throughout the project. Alternative transportation, including clean fueled vehicles, Segway compatible sidewalk designs, shared cars, and other creative transportation concepts are being explored and will be included in the Glenwood Park development.

Other aspects of the development include the possibility of a relocated elementary school and the adaptive re-use of two large existing buildings on the site. All retail is planned to be a smaller neighborhood friendly scale including several restaurants, coffee shops, dry-cleaners, small urban grocery, baked goods, specialty retail, and other local businesses.

Plans for Glenwood Park were developed in close cooperation with local neighborhood groups with the help of a task force representing over 10 local organizations. Green Street Properties has made several presentations throughout the area and looks forward to broad community support. Construction of the project is anticipated to begin near the end of this summer.