Memorial Avenue Revitalization Study - 2000 and 2001

Memorial Avenue Revitalization Study - 2001

Land Use and Zoning
The City of Atlanta in cooperation with the Reynoldstown, Grant Park, Capital Homes and Cabbagetown neighborhoods has developed a study for the Memorial Drive Area. The purpose of the study is to develop and implement a plan leading to the comprehensive preservation and development of the Memorial Drive Study Area.

The Study Area extends from Capitol Avenue to Moreland Avenue encompassing both Memorial Drive and areas adjacent to the street as well as all of the Cabbagetown and Capitol Homes neighborhoods and a portion of north and west Grant Park. The Reynoldstown neighborhood is included as a part of this study’s partnership with the Reynoldstown Atlanta Empowerment Zone Corporation (AEZC) masterplanning process. The partnership of two Atlanta firms, Romm & Pearsall and Verge Studios, was selected in 1998 by neighborhood representatives and the city to complete this study.

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1.0 Plan Introduction and Summary

2.0 Study Process and Methodologies

3.0 Area Reports and Projects

4.0 Streetscape and Building Typologies

5.0 Economic Findings and Recommendations

6.0 Traffic and Pedestrian Movement Plan Analysis

7.0 Implementation Recommendations

8.0 Appendix

FAQ for Grant Park (Word Document)

Goals and objectives of the study include:
  • Develop a comprehensive framework for decisions concerning the appropriateness of future development.

  • Maintain and encourage the current mix of income levels, ethnic backgrounds and lifestyles currently found in the study area.

  • Preserve and highlight the historic and cultural character of neighborhoods and public locations in the Memorial Drive Study Area.

  • Develop viable retail and commercial opportunities appropriately located in the Memorial Drive Corridor Study Area.

  • Develop new housing of various densities and types at appropriate locations in the Memorial Drive Study Area.

  • Develop environmental standards for future development in the Memorial Drive Study Area.

  • Develop new urban public spaces and upgrade and renovate existing ones in the Memorial Drive Study Area

  • Develop an attractive, safe and viable street environment along Memorial Drive and other major thoroughfares in the study area.

  • Rebuild access to surrounding neighborhoods and locations.

  • Develop transportation alternatives to automobile based commuting and integrate routes and transportation improvements into the existing urban fabric.

  • Improve traffic flow and conditions in the Memorial Drive Study Area.

  • Provide strong incentives to public sector organizations and private sector developers to implement neighborhood plans for the Memorial Drive Study Area.