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FitWit Fitness Camp-Experience the Difference

Next Camp May 31st to July 8th 2011- Each day presents a new challenge as campers push, pull, lunge, crawl, jump, run, sweat and laugh themselves into the best shape of their lives, and in the process, they meet their new best friends. FitWit is devoted to challenging fitness across all elements while tracking performances AND building a sense of community with our members. Three area locations: Grant Park, Decatur and Midtown.

$99 6-Week FitWit Special
Get Fit
- measurable workouts with cool stuff- kettlebells, sandbags, medicine balls, and certified trainers coaching you to personal greatness!
Give Fit- Our non-profit. The FitWit Foundation, runs the same programs for kids and those programs are free because you sign up for FitWit. ONE FitWit Camp provides ONE Atlanta child ONE free week of fitness.
Live Fit- 30 day fixes are bunk. The FitWit community makes good fitness sustainable. Why else would we have 100+ campers who have been with us for 2 or more years?
See website for details on our $99 special!  [email protected]  1-888-534-8948