Grant Park Pool

Friends of Grant Park Pool

The Friends of Grant Park Pool is a sub-committee of the Grant Park Conservancy.  The Friends group was founded by local residents volunteering their time to help make the pool a better place for everyone.  The committee welcomes your involvement!  The Friends do not manage the pool, and do not have any direct control over the pool.  They do serve as advocates for the neighborhood, and have an open dialog with the City of Atlanta that ranges from the lifeguards all the way up to the Parks and Recreation Commissioner and City Council Members.  They can share your concerns with the right people, but they can’t necessarily affect pool policies and operations.  With that said, many changes have been made at the pool in direct response to their communication efforts.  For more information about the pool and it's operations go to

Pool opens Memorial Day weekend
Pool closes immediately following Labor Day weekend.
Back to School Hours in August: Weekdays open at 4:30 pm.