Although the Atlanta Braves play in our next door neighborhood, Summerhill, the traffic before and after games can cause problems if you're traveling in the northwest area of Grant Park. At varying times and for varying lengths of time before and after the game, Hank Aaron Boulevard (Capitol Avenue) is a one way street (south before the game, north after the game) from Georgia Ave. to the Capitol building. More importantly, at certain times during this period no traffic is allowed to cross over or enter onto Hank Aaron Blvd. It is best to avoid getting off at the Fulton Street exit on I-85/75 near the beginning or end of the game. Use the Boulevard St. exit on I-20 instead. (Helpful hint: If you do get off when the street is closed, go west on Fulton St. for about five blocks and look for the I-20 sign. This will take you to an I-20 east entrance ramp and you can then get off at the Boulevard exit. Also, tune into WSB 750AM to see if the game is near the beginning or end.)

The number of people at the game and whether they all stay to the end determines how bad the traffic will be afterwards. It's usually best to avoid Hill St. from Sydney north; take Cherokee or Boulevard instead.

If you are having visitors from outside the neighborhood be sure to check to see if the Braves will be playing that day before routing them via the Fulton Street exit.

Braves home games are listed on the calendar. For the Braves opponents and full schedule see their online calendar.

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